Welcome to Hybrid EMBO Workshop Cilia2022

Ground-breaking discoveries in cilia biology have revolutionized our understanding of the critical role of cilia in cell signalling, development, tissue homeostasis and disease. The field continues to grow rapidly as we realize that cilia are vital organelles participating in a broad range of biological processes. Cilia are antenna-like cell organelles that occur on almost all cells of the human body. Many serious diseases are directly attributable to cilia disorders. Despite intensive research, causative therapies are still lacking. The EMBO Workshop Cilia2022 brings clinicians and scientists together and also integrates patient participation.

The Hybrid EMBO Workshop Cilia2022 will cover 8 main topics: (1) molecular and clinical aspects of ciliopathies (including kidney, eye, brain, and motile ciliopathies), (2) cilia in tumour cells and cancer, (3) cilia in metabolism, (4) cilia in neurons, (5) structure biology of cilia, basal bodies, centrioles, and centrosomes, (6) ciliary protein and membrane trafficking, (7) cilia in signalling and development, and (8) motile cilia or flagella. Cilia2022 continues the series of biennial European Cilia Conferences, which has been gaining momentum throughout Europe (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen) since 2012. This meeting has now become the largest cilia meeting worldwide.

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