Abstract Submission

The abstract submission opens in February 2022.

Abstract submission is open.

Please note that your abstract will only be reviewed after your registration.

Submission Structure

Your abstract submission is divided into:

  • Abstract content in English
  • Lay abstract in English
  • Lay abstract in German (optional)


  • Abstract contents are limited to 3000 characters including spaces
  • Lay abstracts are limited to 2000 characters including spaces
  • Avoid any pictures and graphics
  • Please add four keywords to your abstract
  • You can select your preferred type of presentation: oral or poster


  1. Ciliopathies: Clinical Aspects and Therapeutics
  2. Genetics and Mechanisms of Classical Ciliopathies
  3. Cilia and Basal Body Structure
  4. Ciliary Sensing and Signaling
  5. Cilia and Cancer
  6. Motile Cilia and Flagella
  7. Cilia and Metabolism
  8. Emerging Developments in Cilia Research
  9. Cilia in Neurons
  10. Ciliary Protein and Membrane Trafficking
  11. Other Topics