Hygiene concept at EMBO Cilia2022

  1. Upon Registration on day 1: Please provide a certificate of a negative corona test, not older than 24 hours. This does not have to be based on a PCR test, an antigen test (lateral flow) is sufficient. If this is not possible before your departure, a certified test can be done in pharmacies near the train station and the conference venue. This test currently costs 3 € for German citizens, and about 15 € for all others.

  2. KN95 / FFP2 masks must be worn during the entire meeting (exception: eating and drinking).

  3. We will provide everyone with a Corona Antigen Test. All participants are obliged to use this on Thursday morning and, in case of a positive test result, not to enter the conference under any circumstances. We can change your Registration to “online” in this case so that participation would be possible from the hotel room.

  4. Participants with cold symptoms are asked to avoid the event even if the rapid test is negative. We will change your Registration to “online” in this case.

Please check out the latest updates for COVID-19: