Cilia2022 – Interconnect

Networking initiative supported by the European Join Programme Rare Diseases (EJP RD).

With “Cilia2022 – Interconnect“, we aim to expand both our audience at the European Cilia Conference and our community networks for collaboration. Supported by the EJP RD, we are reaching out to clinicians, patients, and researchers from countries that are typically underrepresented to foster better integration and extend interactions between patients, physicians, and scientists in the ciliopathy space. Our “Cilia2022 – Interconnect” networking event aims to enhance engagement and expand our cilia/ciliopathy community within and around Europe. “Cilia2022 – Interconnect” is tightly ‘interconnected’, or intertwined, with the main EMBO Cilia2022 programme and its patient satellite symposium, bringing some additional events specific to Cilia2022-Interconnect as highlighted within the program.

While everyone is encouraged to join us in Cilia2022-Interconnect, thanks to the generous support of the EJP RD, we can announce two types of stipends up to a total of 20 to help support applicants from Eastern and Southern Europe specifically to attend:

“Cilia2022 – Interconnect professional”

Target group: Physicians and scientists working in the field of ciliopathies.

Coverage: free registration for EMBO Cilia2022 and a travel grant of 400 €.

“Cilia2022 – Interconnect patients”

Target group: Ciliopathy patients, families and patient advocacy organizations

Coverage: travel support up to 800 € (registration for patients’ day is free of charge).

Important: Prospective stipend applicants must have their primary place of residence and work in one of the countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey.

Please send a short letter of motivation to by July 12, 2022. For “Cilia-Interconnect professional” please also include a brief CV.

“Cilia2022-Interconnect” – a networking event supported/funded by EJP RD